Getting Involved

This page provides information regarding opportunities for parents to become involved in their child’s Early Intervention Early Childhood Special Education Program. Ways for parents to get involved include the LICC (Local Interagency Coordinating Council) and volunteering.

Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC)

The Local Interagency Coordinating Council is a group of parents, educators and community partners concerned with the quality and provision of EI and ECSE services to children in each county. The group provides advice and guidance to the EI/ECSE program. The LICC provides a venue for public and private agencies serving special needs children to come together and benefit from cooperation and communication.

The LICC is seeking new representatives who want to make each county’s special education system the best it can be. Meetings are open to the public and typically held twice a year, with parents of children being served in EI/ECSE especially invited to attend and participate. You are welcome even if you cannot make the commitment to join us on a regular basis. Come and tell us what is on your mind. For more information see our brochure, contact the representative for your location.

Volunteer Opportunities

In an effort to meet the many needs of our programs we have implemented a volunteer program that we hope will support every classroom. Will you join us? As a volunteer you will have various options. You can:

  • Help with special events fundraising
  • Help with classroom prep work

If you only have an hour, it would be a valuable hour for the staff and children in the classroom.

Please view our Volunteer Application Process/Forms here.

For more information, contact the representative for your location.

Immunization Requirements

Children attending an EI or ECSE program must be current on immunizations, or have a waiver signed by the parent. For more information regarding the recommended immunizations for children birth through 6 years old please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Immunization Schedule:

Questions About Eligiblity?

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