Typical Peer Program

The High Desert ESD Early Childhood Peer Program is an integrated preschool for children with identified learning challenges and their non-disabled peers.  Children engage in typical preschool activities and functional routines that help them learn the self-regulation, socialization and pre-academic skills needed for success in kindergarten. The teaching staff works closely with children and parents to develop goals that address individual needs.

Our program offers

  • Small classes with high staff to student ratios.
  • State licensed teachers & highly trained assistants with extensive background in Early Childhood Education.
  • Developmentally appropriate activities & materials.

Goals of the classroom

  • To provide a diverse classroom environment in which children of all abilities learn to play and work together.
  • To provide a structured learning environment in which children have the opportunity to learn to play cooperatively with peers, follow school routines, and build pre-academic skills.
  • To provide children with a wide variety of opportunities to learn at their own rate, and further develop individual learning styles.
  • To provide developmentally appropriate peer models for preschoolers with special needs.
  • To provide children the opportunity to develop compassion and understanding of the diversity which exists in their community.

For more detailed information  please see our  ECSE Typical Peer Program Brochure.

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